Owens Steading was a Grayson steading, or feudal province.

It was the eleventh steading founded on Grayson, and its ruler could trace his roots back to the first Steadholder Owens. Sometime before the 20th Century PD rule over the Steading passed from the Owens clan to the Hearns clan. In 1914 PD, Steadholder Owens was Aaron Hearns. He had two sons and a first-born daughter, Abigail, who was the first Grayson woman to hold a rank in the Grayson Space Navy and be accepted as a possible future steadholder.

The Owens Steadholder's Guard used blue and gray for their uniforms. (SI1)

Known Steadholders[]

  • Lord Aaron Hearns, Steadholder Owens


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