The Owens Steadholder's Guard was a police force of Owens Steading, particularly responsible for the protection of the ruling Steadholder Owens and his family.

Legal status[]

According to the Grayson Constitution, any steadholder was permitted to directly command a force of up to fifty armsmen. On the other hand, each steadholder was obliged to be accompanied by an absolute minimum of two armsmen at all time. (HH9, HH10)


Owens Steadholder's Guard uniforms were blue and gray. (SI1)


Around 1919 PD, in recognition of the changes to Grayson inheritance laws, specifically the addition of daughters to the line of succession, a personal armsman was assigned to Abigail Hearns, Miss Owens. Platoon Sergant Mateo Gutierrez, RMMC was recruited by Steadholder Owens and given the assignment. (SI1)

Known personnel[]