Oravil Barregos
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Oravil Barregos
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Sector Governor (Maya Sector)

Oravil Barregos was a Solarian citizen and the Governor of the Maya Sector in the early 20th Century PD.


Despite having been originally appointed by the Office of Frontier Security, Governor Barregos championed the growing demand for a change in Maya Sector's status within the League. He was a political and financial supporter of the Renaissance Association.

He and the slaver-planet Mesa were public enemies, and he supported the settlement of former genetic slaves on his capital planet of Smoking Frog, as well as the creation of the Kingdom of Torch in a system formerly occupied by Mesan slave owners. (CS1)

In 1921 PD, he sent a force of the Maya Sector Detachment under the command of Admiral Luis Rozsak to the Torch System to defend it against the People's Navy in Exile, a Havenite mercenary fleet. The Second Battle of Congo was a decisive one, and only strengthened his resolve to protect his sector when chaos swept over the human-settled universe in the aftermath of the Solarian League's fall. (CS2, HH13)

In late 1922 PD, Governor Barregos gave a press conference during which he made the influence of the Mesan Alignment public, and declared the independence of the Mayan Autonomous Regional Sector from the influence of the League and Frontier Security. (HH14)


Although highly ambitious and sometimes described as machiavellian, Governor Barregos cared deeply about the people of his sector, and was willing to do almost anything to protect them. (HH13)


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Governor of the Maya Sector
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