Operation Spartacus was a covert operation on the part of so called the Torch Liberation Army to liberate the planet of Torch from its Mesan slave masters.

It was conducted with the clandestine support of Mayan, Havenite, Manticoran intelligence and government of the Erewhon Republic, as well as the assistance of the Royal Manticoran Navy and the Maya Sector Detachment of the SLN. The operation eventually led to the establishment of the Kingdom of Torch. (CS1)

Order of Battle[]

Pro-slaves Alliance[]


Kamal Lassiter, General Manager of Operations:

There was also a light task force of the Mesan Space Navy, based 36 hours of flight away, commanded by Commodore Aikawa Navarre.[2] That force arrived after the battle however, called by a dispatch boat sent before surrender of the space station.

Course of Battle[]

  • Surprise attack against Manpower's space station from a seized slaver ship, conducted by Solarian League Marine Corps volunteers.
  • The slaves' riot on the planet surface.
  • Arrival of the Mesan task force and dispute with its commanding officer[3].


The seizure of Congo Station in orbit of the planet led to the Liberation Army's control of the planet. (CS1)


  1. Customs units officially. Their fate is uncertain.
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  3. The way he was informed about slave uprising is not certain.