Operation Rat Catcher
ConflictSide effect of the Mesan Alignment's Operation Houdini
DateOctober 1922 PD
PlaceMendel, Mesa, Mesa System
ResultCease fire

Seccy community

Mesan government
via Mesan internal security forces

  • Dusek Organization - 700 shooters initially[1]
  • Bachue the Nose's Organization - at least 230 armed combatants
  • Sukharov Tower gang
  • unspecified OPS units
  • 3 MISD regiments - 6,000 troops
  • 8 MPP brigades - 20,000 troops
  • over 20,000 second-class citizens killed
  • Hancock Tower destroyed
  • 500 OPS troops lost
  • over 2,300 MISD troops lost
  • over 9,000 MPP troops lost
  • over 8,000 non-combatant first-class citizens killed
  • several billion Solarian credits worth damage to the subsurface infrastructure in Mendel

Operation Rat Catcher was the pogrom of second-class citizens realized by Mesan internal security agencies like the Office of Public Safety (OPS) and the Mesan Internal Security Directorate (MISD), and later the Mesan Planetary Peaceforce.

Causes Edit

Launched in response to the supposed Audubon Ballroom attacks on Mesa, Rat Catcher was intended to be a reprisal against the seccy population of the planet, but was disguised as a security operation to apprehend the terrorists behind the attacks.

Arsenals of the Gangs Edit

Sukharov Territory Organization Edit

As of October 1922 PD the Maysayuki Franconi's gang had assembled an arsenal in case it was needed, including:

  • mostly small arms, like:
    • pulsers,
    • flechette guns,
    • civilian-grade pulse rifle.
  • as well as small cache of military-grade weapons like:
    • 2 plasma rifles,
    • heavy pulse rifles,
    • military grade light tribarrels,
    • grenade launchers,
    • a handful of antitank weapons and man portable SAMs.

Dusek Organization Edit

As of September 1922 PD Dusek's Outfit had assembled an arsenal in case it was needed, including:

  • 3000 pistols and rifles,
  • many civilian grade pulsers,
  • 40-50 flechette guns,
  • 150-175 military grade pulse rifles with limited amount of ammo,
  • 11 tri-barrels, including 2 heavy units with anti-armor capability,
  • 6 plasma rifles,
  • 24 grenade launchers,
  • 24 Banshee light SAMs,
  • 2 crates of Lancer anti-armor rockets,
  • Auger light anti-armor weapons,
  • almost a dozen Black Widow Mark 3 Mod 2 EEP Antitank Mines (Heavy).

Execution Edit

Forces of the Mesan Internal Security Directorate technically acted under the Rules of Engagement Omega - persons attempting to surrender were supposed to be allowed to do so and casualties should be minized, especially among minor children[2].

The operation was a disaster with heavy OPS and MISD casualties and a KEW strike on Mendel's Hancock Tower in the first day. The disastrous initial outcome required the MPP to assume control and begun to siege the neighboring Neue Rostock Tower. During the siege, the defenders of that tower were able to inflict significant losses on the MPP brigades, including the total destruction of one of those brigades.

The operation lasted almost three weeks in October 1922 PD until the arrival of the Tenth Fleet of the Royal Manticoran Navy in the Mesa System brought about a cease fire.

Side Effects Edit

As an ad hoc part of the operation OPS and MISD forces surrounded four seccy towers in the Capital District, like: Stamford, Kovaleski, Hadar and Lindbergh.

In addition, there was an increase risk of riots in other cities and towns such as Detweiler City and New Athens., leading Mesan authorities to worry that unrest and seccy resistance could spur similar uprisings in those cities while the OPS, MISD, and MPP were tied down with Neue Rostock Tower. (CS3)

References Edit

  1. As of September 1922 PD. There were a few thousand volunteers among the 20-30 thousand inhabitants of Neue Rostock Tower.
  2. Two members of the 2nd Platoon Bravo Company 17th Regiment MISD killed a group of a dozen children with their tutoress however.
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