Operation Nemesis was the final large operation of the Grand Alliance during the Solarian-Manticoran War. Its designated goal was to overwhelm the defenses of the Sol System, wipe out its orbital industry, and force the Solarian League to surrender to the Alliance's demands.

The operation was greenlit in January 1923 PD, shortly after the Mesan Alignment's Beowulf Strike killed 43 million people. Fleet Admiral Honor Alexander-Harrington, commanding officer of the Grand Fleet, was put in charge and proceeded to Sol.

Nemesis was a success; the attack on Sol brought the defeat of the Solarian League Navy, and led to the destruction of most of the system's orbital infrastructure. Fleet Admiral Alexander-Harrington then demanded the arrest of the Mandarins, who were quickly overthrown by SLN and Gendarmerie forces loyal to Fleet Admiral Winston Kingsford. (HH14)

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