Operation Jericho was a Havenite operation on Masada, carried out by Special Operations as part of the treaty between Masada and Haven.

Operational premise[]

The first part of the operation was the transfer of the Sultan-class battlecruiser PNS Saladin and the Bastogne-class destroyer PNS Breslau to the Navy of Masada. Commander Isaiah Danville was not present for the operation, which was planned with many redundancies. Captain Alfredo Yu, the commanding officer of Saladin, was allowed to chose his senior officers. They included Commander Thomas Theisman as Breslau's commanding officer and Commander George Manning as Yu's own executive officer aboard Saladin.

Another aspect of Jericho was a secret organization located on Grayson called the Brotherhood of Maccabeus.

Chief Elder Thomas Simonds and Senior Elder Huggins believed that Captain Yu overestimated the effectiveness of Jericho, but Deacon Ronald Sands disagreed. Captain Williams, the commanding officer of Blackbird Base, also had doubts about the operation. (HH2)