Operation Icarus[1] was a large Havenite offensive naval operation against the Manticoran Alliance. It was executed in 1913 PD by Twelfth Fleet under the command of Admiral Javier Giscard.

Operational premise[]

Devised by Secretary of War Esther McQueen, Icarus marked the first great Havenite offensive of the First Havenite-Manticoran War. According to a holomap during the initial staff meeting, systems in the operational area of Twelfth Fleet for Operation Icarus were:

  1. Seaford Nine System
  2. Hancock System
  3. Zanzibar System
  4. Alizon System
  5. Suchien System
  6. Yalta System
  7. Nuada System
  8. Basilisk System - a particularly important objective as it was part of the Star Kingdom of Manticore's territory

Twelfth Fleet's order of battle[]


  1. Second Battle of Seaford Nine – the RMN picket and base were destroyed
  2. Second Battle of Hancock – Havenite defeat
  3. First Battle of Zanzibar – Alliance picket and Zanzibaran orbital facilities were destroyed
  4. First Battle of Alizon – Alliance picket and Alizonian orbital facilities were destroyed
  5. Second Battle of Basilisk – RMN planetary picket and orbital facilities, and PN task group 12.4.2, were destroyed
  6. Suchien, Yalta and Nuada Systems – No known attacks. At least one secondary attack, by TF 12.1, was possible.[2]

While the only unquestioned Havenite defeat occurred in the Hancock System, for the first time since the outbreak of hostilities, territory of the Star Kingdom of Manticore was directly affected by the war. Alizon and Zanzibar lost their new military shipyards as well. The Allied Eighth Fleet unofficially lost its offensive assignment and became in practice a backup for Home Fleet; many of its units were assigned to picket duty in Alliance systems. (HH8)


  1. Giscard would have preferred to call it Operation Daedalus as Daedalus at least survived his flight.
  2. TF 12.3 and TG 12.4.2 were destroyed in primary attacks

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