Operation Hassan was a secret Havenite operation conducted in 1915 PD. Its target was the assassination of Queen Elizabeth III of Manticore and Protector Benjamin IX of Grayson.

Operational premise[]

The operation was authorized by Chairman Rob S. Pierre and planned by Secretary of State Security Oscar Saint-Just. Using Masadan agents, they planned to assassinate Queen Elizabeth III and Protector Benjamin IX. The Masadan agent Angus Stone was assigned the task of contacting Lord Samuel Mueller and using him to get close to the targets. (HH9)


Using Lord Mueller as their dupe, Stone and his comrades smuggled long-distance transmitters hidden in memory stones onto Queen Elizabeth's and Allen Summervale persons on which a missile's targeting system could home.

The attack was carried out while the two monarchs' royal yachts carried them. Honor Harrington intercepted the missile heading for GSNS Grayson One, but the other one destroyed HMS Queen Adrienne, killing Manticoran Prime Minister Allen Summervale and several other senior members of the Manticoran government as well as the counterparts in Benjamin IX's government. (HH9)

Known victims[]


After the death of Allen Summervale, a new government was established under the leadership of Baron High Ridge, who agreed to a ceasefire offered by Oscar Saint-Just, ending the First Havenite-Manticoran War.

After her father and older brother were killed, Earl Gold Peak's daughter Michelle rose to the earldom and to fifth in the line of succession to the throne of Manticore.[1]

For intercepting the missile targeted at Grayson One and saving Queen Elizabeth and Protector Benjamin, Honor Harrington was awarded the Parliamentary Medal of Valor (HH9)

When his involvement in the assassination attempt was discovered, Lord Mueller was impeached and executed for high treason. (HH9)


  1. Lady Gold Peak's suspicions that Haven was responsible for her loved ones' deaths were confirmed half a decade later by President Pritchart.