Operation Fabius was a Solarian League Navy operation in early 1923 PD, designed to attack the recently seceded Republic of Beowulf and cripple the Grand Alliance's missile building capacities in the Sigma Draconis System.

Task Force 790 carried out Fabius in January 1923 PD. Its missile launch strategy was a failure and the majority of its ships were destroyed. In the end, the most significant aspect of the operation was that it served as a cover for the Mesan Alignment's Beowulf Strike, a string of nuclear attacks on the system's major space stations that killed millions of innocent people.

In the end, the Mandarins' decision to launch Fabius, and the way they were obviously letting themselves be manipulated by the Alignment, led the Grand Alliance to launch a direct attack on the League's power center, resulting in Operation Nemesis and the Battle of Sol. (HH14)

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