Operation Buttercup was a large Manticoran offensive naval operation against the People's Republic of Haven, and the last great operation of the First Havenite-Manticoran War. The operation saw the first deployment of the revolutionary new pod-layer superdreadnoughts and multi-drive missiles developed by Manticore, alongside the modern LACs with carriers first fielded at the Second Battle of Hancock.

Operational premise[]

Seeking to resume an offensive stance after being hammered by Secretary of War Esther McQueen's Operation Icarus, Operation Buttercup sought to finally make use of Admiral White Haven's Eighth Fleet, the status of which had gone from assault force, to a "paper tiger" that was essentially used as a Fleet Reserve.

The First Space Lord sought to entice the People's Navy into thinking that the Manticoran fleet base at Grendelsbane was particularly vulnerable. The plan was to get them to focus on building up forces to attack Grendelsbane, leaving Operation Buttercup's targets under-defended. (HH9)

Target systems[]

The target systems for the first phase of the Operation Buttercup were:

The ultimate target for Operation Buttercup was the Haven System. The Eighth Fleet ended preparations concerning an attack against the Lovat System when the People's Republic of Haven asked for a cease-fire. (HH9)

Allied order of battle[]

See: Battle of Barnett#Manticoran Alliance

The Eighth fleet was divided into task forces:

  • Task Force 81, comprised of superdreadnoughts (pod-layers)
  • five lighter task forces containing carriers


The RMN's new technological advantage proved devastating, with the People's Navy completely unable to face Eighth Fleet in direct combat. Both the Battle of Barnett and the Battle of MacGregor ended in decisive Manticoran victories, and the RMN was actuallly confident it would achieve a total victory over Haven within weeks. However, the rise of the High Ridge government led to a cease-fire being declared, ending the First Havenite-Manticoran War. (HH9)


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