Oliver Mayhew I was a native of Earth and a member of the Church of Humanity Unchained, who later became the first Protector of Grayson.


Oliver Mayhew was born on Earth in the 3rd Century PD after the beginning of the Diaspora of Man. He became a follower of the Reverend Austin Grayson, a religious leader who preached a radical turn from technology and modernism back to the roots of the Judeo-Christian faiths. In 314 PD, Mayhew and his fellow worshipers, led by the Reverend Grayson, left their home planet aboard the sleeper ship Gideon, beginning the centuries-long journey to the faraway Yeltsin's Star System.

In 988 PD, they landed on the planet Grayson -- then known as Zion -- where he became one of the five original steadholders.

Ten years later, in 998 PD, after the death of the Reverend Grayson, Mayhew and the colony ship captain Hugh Yanakov informed the rest of the settlers that technology and machines were not evil, but the way that they were used on Earth was. He did so because the planet had a high concentration of heavy metals, which made the flora and fauna deadly to humans, and technology was desperately needed. (HH2)

Oliver Mayhew became the first Protector, first among the steadholders and leader of both the church and the colony, and his family ruled over the Protectorate of Grayson for at least the next thousand years. (HH5, Companion)


GSNS Protector Oliver I was named after him. (HH14)


Preceded by
Reverend Austin Grayson
Protector of Grayson
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