Oliver Diamato
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Oliver Diamato
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Oliver Diamato was a Havenite citizen and an officer of the (People's) Republic of Haven Navy.

Physical appearance[]

He had golden hair, blue eyes, and a fair complexion. (HH8)


Originally a Lieutenant under the Legislaturalist regime, Diamato advanced rapidly under the new Committee of Public Safety, partly due to his competence and partly because of his political fervor.

Holding the rank of Lieutenant Commander, he joined the crew of the Triumphant-class battleship PNS Schaumberg as Assistant Tactical Officer. He was appointed Tactical Officer and promoted to Commander when Captain Hall and Commissioner Addison were able to arrange a transfer for the incompetent Commander Young. He survived the pounding the ship took in the Second Battle of Hancock, although he was wounded, and was one of the officers who asserted that the Alliance had developed a class of "super LACs". (HH8)

While Diamato was recuperating, he was invited to a private interview with Esther McQueen and Ivan Bukato, after which he wrote an "eyes-only" report of the battle for McQueen. He was soon promoted to Captain, and received command of PNS William T. Sherman before his recovery was complete. He and his ship fought at the Second Battle of Solway. (HH9)

After promotion to Rear Admiral, he fought at the Raid on Zanzibar as a squadron commander, and the Battle of Manticore as a group commander. (HH11)


Diamato was firmly committed to the ideals of the Revolution as represented by the Committee of Public Safety. He was initially suspicious of Hall due to her "old-fashioned" approach to command, but came to respect her capability and efficiency.

Service Record[]


  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Commander (1912 PD)
  • Captain (1913 PD)
  • Rear Admiral (prior to 1920 PD)
  • Vice Admrial (1922 PD)


  • Assistant Tactical Officer, PNS Schaumberg
  • Tactical Officer, PNS Schaumberg
  • acting Commanding Officer, PNS Schaumberg
  • Commanding Officer, PNS William T. Sherman
  • Commanding Officer, Battlecruiser Squadron 12
  • Commanding Officer