The Office of Naval Intelligence, or ONI, was a department of the Royal Manticoran Navy charged with retrieving and using information on other star nations, including vessels, personnel, and technology.

It was under the supervision of the Bureau of Planning, thus reporting to the Second Space Lord. (HH1)


In 1903 PD, ONI suspected the People's Republic of Haven's interest in the Yeltsin's Star System.

ONI estimated thirty to forty seconds for a firing cycle of a three-round ready magazine for PRH's ground-based weapons. The PRHN's electronic counter-measures proved to be better than ONI estimated. (HH2)

In 1904 PD, ONI's assessment of the Havenite Harris Administration would welcome a foreign crisis to help defuse the Dolist situation, but not seek a confrontation with the Kingdom. (HH3)

After his defection to Manticore, Alfredo Yu of the People's Navy was debriefed by ONI. (HH5)

In 1913 PD, ONI's Covert Insertion Team extracted Havenite Admiral Mládek from the planet Prague, using his insights to confirm information provided by the recently "resurrected" Honor Harrington. (HHA4.4: LGTP)