Nouveau Paris was the capital city of the Republic of Haven on the planet Haven.


Nouveau Paris was built in the foothills of the Limoges Mountains, the coastal range that marked the southwest edge of the continent of Rochambeau, where it met the Veyret Ocean.

It incorporated green belts, parks, and tree-shaded pedestrian plazas, and also boasted spectacular beaches along its westernmost suburbs, but the heart of the original city been built around the confluence of the Garronne River and the Rhône River. (HH12)


In 1905 PD, Hereditary President Sidney Harris, his cabinet and their families were assassinated there. The Committee of Public Safety under Rob S. Pierre then seized power over Nouveau Paris and took control of the government. (HH3)

In 1914 PD, then Secretary of War Admiral Esther McQueen used the Octagon as the command center for her coup against Pierre's government. When Pierre was killed and most of the Committee members were in McQueen's hands, Oscar Saint-Just ordered General Speer to activate "Bank Shot", a 50-kiloton nuclear bomb hidden under the Octagon. The detonation evaporated the building and the surrounding area, killing the rebells along with 1,300,000 citizens of Nouveau Paris. (HHA3.2: N; HH9)

Sites and Institutions[]