Mueller Steading was a Grayson steading located on Grayson's Idaho continent.

Its colors were yellow and red. The Mueller Steadholder's Guard was responsible for the safety of the Steadholder and his family. As with all steadings, its capital was also called Mueller. (HH9)

It was the location of the Winston Mueller Middle School, the site of the sabotaged Grayson Sky Domes, Ltd. project. Steadholder Samuel Mueller, a political enemy of Protector Benjamin IX, was involved in the sabotage, but was able to hide his involvement and shift all blame to William Fitzclarence, Steadholder Burdette. (HH5)

Years later, Samuel Mueller was involved in an assassination attempt on Queen Elizabeth III of Manticore as well as Protector Benjamin, which resulted in the death of Manticoran Prime Minister Allen Summervale and Henry Prestwick the Chancellor of Grayson This time, however, Mueller's role was discovered: he was impeached, tried and convicted of high treason, and subsequently executed. (HH9)

He was succeeded by his son Travis, who continued the family tradition of plotting and scheming against the Harringtons. (HH11)

Known Steadholders Mueller[]

  • Lord Samuel Mueller, Steadholder Mueller ( – 1916 PD )
  • Lord Travis Mueller, Steadholder Mueller ( 1916 PD – )


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