Mount Royal Palace was located on Manticore near Jason Bay and was the official residence of the Monarch of Manticore. It was protected by the Monarch's Own Regiment and Palace Security.[1] (HH11)

The Blue Hall in the Palace was the official throne room of the Star Kingdom, while King Michael's Tower contained Queen Elizabeth III's private retreat. (HH4)

One of the entries to the Palace was the Lion's Gate. (HHA2.2: WPD)

The vast Queen Caitrin's Hall was used for official occasions like banquets. (HH10)

Construction[edit | edit source]

The palace was throughoutly decorated, using ferran wood to demonstrate the value the Crown placed in the Star Kingdom's Gryphon highlander subjects. (CS1)

References[edit | edit source]

  1. It was considered "one of the most heavily-protected pieces of dirt" in the entire Star Kingdom of Manticore. (HH11)
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