The Moriarty[1]platform was a system defense fire-control platform designed for the Republic of Haven Navy by Vice Admiral Shannon Foraker.

It massed 400,000 tons, and was pre-fabricated to fit in two fleet supply ships and be assembled on-site in under two days. It was painted black, and incorporated radar-absorbing materials. Later deployments included several backup platforms in case the primary system was destroyed or malfunctioned.

The initial design was rushed to deployment, and was lacking in protection. It relied heavily on stealth, and as such was vulnerable to the Royal Manticoran Navy's new Mistletoe reconnaissance drones.

The system was first used as part of an ambush of Admiral Honor Harrington's Task Force 82 during Operation Cutworm III at the Battle of Solon. (HH11)


Proposed improvements included placing them in purpose-built superdreadnought hulls, or designing them as add-on components for existing fortresses. (HH11)

With the end of the Second Havenite-Manticoran War, the specifications for Moriarty became available to Admiral Sonja Hemphill, head of the Manticoran R&D department; she and her staff soon began developing the advanced Mycroft system. (HH13)


  1. Like Mycroft, it was named for a character from the Sherlock Holmes detective novels.