Michael Oversteegen
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Michael Oversteegen
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Michael Oversteegen, MC, CGM, GS, OCN, was a Manticoran citizen and an officer in the Royal Manticoran Navy.

Physical Characteristics[]

Oversteegen was a tall and slender man and very closely resembled his cousin Michael Janvier, Baron High Ridge. (CS1)


Oversteegen was distantly related to Queen Elizabeth III on his father's side, and his mother was a second cousin of Michael Janvier, Baron High Ridge. In 1918 PD, he was fourth in line of succession for the Barony of Greater Windcombe. (HHA4.6: TSotS)

He was also a distant cousin of Deborah Fraser, whom he disliked because he believed her to lack both intelligence and integrity. Later he came to positively detest her based on her actions during the Masadan kidnapping operation aboard The Wages of Sin. (CS1)


Whether his family background played a part in his Naval career or not (nepotism being not unheard of in the RMN), Oversteegen was an extremely competent and intelligent officer in his own right. While in command of HMS Gauntlet, he fought the Battle of Tiberian, taking on and defeating four Solarian-built Gladiator-class cruisers with only his single ship. (HHA4.6: TSotS) He later received the Manticore Cross for his conduct in the battle.

In early 1920 PD, he and his crew took part in the liberation of the planet Congo and assisted in establishing the Kingdom of Torch, not least by compelling a much larger Mesan Navy force to retire, in conjunction with Captain Rozsak's Task Force of the Maya Sector Detachment. (CS1)

Oversteegen gave up command of Gauntlet to take over the new HMS Nike (BC-562). Later the same year, he was promoted to Rear Admiral and assigned command of a battlecruiser squadron in Eighth Fleet. (HH11)

In January of 1922 PD, he was given command of Tenth Fleet's Battlecruiser Squadron 108, flying his flag aboard the battlecruiser HMS Rigel. He participated in the Battle of Spindle later that same year. (SI2, HH12)

When Manticore invaded the Meyers System to topple the Solarian League's control over the Madras Sector, Rear Admiral Oversteegen led a force to intercept and arrest Vice Commissioner Junyan Hongbo, who tried to escape to the McIntosh System aboard a freighter. (HH14)

Service Record[]


  • Commander - until 1918 PD (HHA4:TSotS)
  • Captain (JG) - 1918 PD (HHA4:TSotS)
  • Captain (SG) - 1919 PD (CS1-HH11)
  • Rear Admiral - 1921 PD (HH11)