For the Duke of Winton-Serisburg, see Michael Winton.

King Michael I was the third reigning monarch of the Star Kingdom of Manticore from 1521 to 1542 PD. (UHH)

He was born in 1458 PD[1] as the oldest son of Elizabeth Winton and a grandson of Roger Winton, the founder and chief administrator of the Manticore Colony. When the colony was turned into a monarchy, he became the heir of its royal family, and ascended to the throne after his mother's death in 1521 PD. Even though he was not particularly interested in ruling a nation, he did the best he could.

He was married to Samantha Adamskos, with whom he had two sons, Edward and Timothy. His first wife was killed by the Manticoran Plague. He married again and had another daughter, Elizabeth. (MA1)

He abdicated[2] in favor of his son, and was still alive at the time of the Volsung invasion that caused the death of his grandson, Crown Prince Richard. Soon after, he had to live through the death of his son and his granddaughter in a boating accident, and the rise of his younger daughter to the throne. Even though his old age made him weaker by the month, he still did his best to council and comfort Elizabeth II in the difficult early days of her reign. When a group of politicians led by Lord Breakwater asked him to consider a return to the throne, Michael outright refused. A short while later, he took part in the meeting during which Breakwater was pressured to abandon his political ambitions and support Elizabeth. (MA2, MA3)

References Edit

  1. He was 27 T-years old when the Star Kingdom was created in 1485 PD.
  2. A Call to Vengeance states that he abdicated in 1539 PD (four years before 1543 PD), while his reign is usually stated as having lasted until 1542 PD.

Preceded by
Elizabeth I
King of Manticore
1521 PD – 1542 PD
Succeeded by
Edward I