The Mesan Internal Security Directorate, or MISD, was a Mesan security agency tasked to control second-class citizens.

The MISD logo was a gauntlet and dagger.


Technically, it was a mere division of the Office of Public Safety. It had a reputation for creatively misconstruing directives with which it disagreed, which is why its critics pronounced the MISD acronym "missed".

The commanding officer of the MISD in 1922 PD was Commissioner Bentley Howell. The MISD Domestic Intelligence Analysis was headed by Skylar Beckert, its Director.

The basic operational MISD unit was a regiment, consisted of two battalions of c.a. 1000 troops. As of 1922 PD Regiments 4 and 19 were stationed in the Capital District. During the Operation Rat Catcher they were supported by 17th Regiment.


The MISD troopers were equipped with armored vehicles such as the Cyclops, lorries, utility armors, neural disruptors, tribarrels, and plasma rifles. (CS3)