The Mesa System was a star system in the galactic west of the Solarian League, and south of the Talbott Cluster.

Star geography[]

Mesa was a G2 star with a habitable planet, also called Mesa, orbiting at a distance of about 149,300,000 kilometers. It was also the location of the Mesa Terminus of the Visigoth Wormhole Junction. (SI2)


The System was first surveyed in 1398 PD, although it was not considered for development until the discovery of the Visigoth Wormhole Junction in 1454 PD. Leonard Detweiler of the Beowulfian Detweiler Consortium acquired the development rights from the original surveyors and settled the planet Mesa in 1460 PD, together with those who shared his views on the benefits of the genetic manipulation of humans. (SI2)

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