Maya Sector map.png
Maya Sector
Form of Government Protectorate
Official language English
Home Planet Smoking Frog
Capital Shuttlesport
Head of State Governor
Senior Military Commander Maya Sector Detachment, Commanding Officer
Legislative Branch Mayan Assembly
Military Maya Sector Detachment
of the Solarian League Navy
Founded 1772 PD
Currency Solarian credit

The Maya Sector was the wealthiest protectorate of the Solarian League.


A sizable percentage of the Maya System's original colonists came from the planet Kemal. (CS2)

In 1772 PD, when the Maya Sector voluntarily asked for Solarian protection, its representatives were able to negotiate an exceptional administrative status. The sector was well developed, but not exploited by the Office of Frontier Security to the degree that was common in other systems. (CS1, SI1)

In 1919 PD, it was discovered by Anton Zilwicki that Elaine Komandorski's new identity as Georgia Sakristos was created in the Maya Sector. (HH10)

In 1922 PD, Sector Governor Oravil Barregos announced the sector's secession from the Solarian League and its independence as a new star nation, the Mayan Autonomous Regional Sector. (HH14)

See also: Maya Crisis


The Maya Sector was governed by a Sector Governor, appointed by the Office of Frontier Security but subject to approval by a majority of sector's voters[1]. In the 1920s PD, this office was held by Oravil Barregos. Other members of the civilian administration included:

(CS1, CS2, HH14)

Armed forces[]

(CS1, CS2)

Systems and planets in the sector[]


  1. On the other hand or in another words - an appointee should be approved by the Mayan Assembly. (HH14)
  2. In Torch of Freedom, it is stated unambiguously that Barregos expected Brosnan to eventually be confirmed as permanent Lieutenant Governor, but also expected this is be delayed for a prolonged period, in the hope that Barregos would die and OFS could remove his entire administration. In Uncompromising Honor, she is referred to simply as 'Lieutenant Governor Brosnan'. This implies that by this time her position had been confirmed by Old Chicago, but this is not however explicitly stated.
  3. It is stated in Torch of Freedom that he is "effectively the Maya Sector's treasurer".
  4. According to maps, the Maya Sector did not directly border with the Solarian League. The nearest Solarian systems were Ajax, Lima and Sankar. (infodump)

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