Massimo Filareta
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Full Name
Massimo Filareta
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Death date
June 1922 PD
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Massimo Filareta was a Solarian citizen and an officer of the Solarian League Navy's Battle Fleet.

Physical appearance[]

Filareta was tall, just over a hundred and ninety centimeters, black-haired, broad-shouldered, with a closely cropped beard and piercing dark eyes. (HH12)


Captain al-Fanudahi from the Office of Operational Analysis did not have a very high opinion of Filareta, stating that "his only recommendation for command is that he has a pulse".

Around 1921 PD, he held the rank of Fleet Admiral and was in command of Task Force 891, which was sent to a "major fleet exercise" in the Tasmania Sector. From that position, he was sent to the Manticore System to launch a punitive strike against the Star Empire of Manticore following the defeat of Sandra Crandall's task force in the Battle of Spindle. (SI2, HH12)

His task force was reinforced to 427 ships-of-the-wall and redesignated the Eleventh Fleet. He was sent to the Manticore System to force the Star Empire into submission, but ended up in a trap set by Fleet Admiral Honor Harrington's newly established Grand Fleet. She offered him the chance to surrender his ships, but before he could do so, Mesan mind control nanites forced his staff operations officer, William Daniels, to launch a full volley of missiles against the Manticorans and then trigger a bomb on the flag bridge of SLNS Philip Oppenheimer. Fleet Admiral Filareta was killed in the explosion along with his entire staff.

As the result of the engagement, the Second Battle of Manticore, almost all Solarian forces under Filareta's command were destroyed or captured. (HH13)

There were hints that Admiral Filareta had some rather uncommon, and "extreme" sexual tastes (it was hinted that he was a pedophile), and that part of Mesa's involvement with him was the supply of sex slaves. (HH14)

Service Record[]


  • Fleet Admiral (prior to 1922 PD)


  • Commanding Officer, Task Force 891
  • Commanding Officer, Eleventh Fleet