Lady Marisa Turner, Countess New Kiev, was a Manticoran peer of the realm and a prominent politician of the Liberal Party.


Marisa was born in the 19th Century PD as the oldest daughter of Robert Turner, Earl of New Kiev. Her birth and family connections ensured her a prominent place in the Liberal Party. (Companion)

In 1900 PD, the Countess was the Minister for Medusan Affairs and the leader of the Liberal Party. She allied with the New Men Party and was against some of the items in the naval budget estimate. She sent a courier to Medusa to assess the situation caused by Commander Honor Harrington, and allowed Klaus Hauptman to get a ride on that same vessel. (HH1)

After the assassination of Duke Cromarty by Masadan terrorists in 1915 PD, New Kiev aligned with Elaine Descroix and Baron High Ridge to form a new government and bring the nearly victorious war against Haven to a sudden halt, an action which earned her the everlasting resentment of Queen Elizabeth, who had asked the opposition to work with the remnants of Cromarty's majority until the war's end. (HH9)

During the five years of the High Ridge Government, the Countess was first Minister of Foreign Affairs and then Lord of the Exchequer. In this position, New Kiev reappropriated funds raised by taxes that had been put in place by Cromarty to pay for the war against Haven. This allowed her to cut the Naval Budget and spend ever-increasing sums of money on various pork barrel civil projects, with the aim of buying domestic political support for the government. She also participated in the conspiracy hatched by the wife of the Earl of North Hollow to politically marginalize Honor Harrington and Earl White Haven.

While these policies were largely a political success, in the long term it was an unmitigated disaster for both the government and Manticore as a whole, as it left the Royal Manticoran Navy severely under-funded for the renewed war with Haven in 1919 PD. In the wake of these events, New Kiev retired from politics (in reality, was forced to resign) in favor of the former Countess of the Tor, Catherine Montaigne, who took leadership of the largest remnant of a now fractured Liberal Party. (HH10)


Preceded by
Lord William Alexander
Lord of Exchequer
of the Star Kingdom of Manticore
1915-1920 PD
Succeeded by
Lady Francine Maurier