The Manticore Junction and its seven termini

The Manticore Wormhole Junction was a wormhole junction whose central node was in the Manticore System.


That node was an invisible sphere in space, a light-second in diameter, and had a total of seven known external termini as of 1921 PD. It lay 7 light-hours from Manticore-A. (SI1)


The Junction was discovered by the Manticorans in 1585 PD, after the Axelrod Corporation had tried to invade and the Manticoran authorities had discovered, in the taken ships' databases, that Axelrod had found proof for the wormhole's existence in the system. (Companion)

The discovery of the wormhole led to a major re-routing of interstellar trade between the Solarian League and the Haven Quadrant, to the disadvantage of regions such as the Maya Sector. (infodump)

In Oct 1883 PD, a very large number of refugees from the planet San Martin in the Trevor's Star System used the wormhole junction to escape the Havenite invasion. (HH2)

In 1900 PD, the wormhole junction was the primary reason for the People's Republic of Haven's decision to try and conquer the Basilisk Terminus. At the time, the Republic controlled the Trevor's Star Terminus, which was in Havenite space, and the possession of two termini would make defense of the central node very difficult. (HH1, HH3)

Commercial and military use[]

The junction was controlled by the Star Kingdom of Manticore; eventually this commercial advantage gave the Star Kingdom about seventy-eight percent of the gross system product of Earth's Solar System. The Royal Manticoran Navy patrolled the wormhole junction and manned the forts used to protect it from invasion or attack.

Traffic control for the junction was provided by the Royal Manticoran Astro-Control Service, a civilian, but uniformed and highly trained organization. (HH1)

Known termini[]

The Manticore Terminus was located in the Manticore-A System itself and was the central node of the Junction. All traffic necessarily passed through that node regardless of its destination.


  1. The Gregor-B system was controlled by the Andermani, but the terminus and the star Gregor-A was controlled by the Manticorans.