System Overview

The Manticore System was a binary star system and the home system of the Star Kingdom of Manticore. The kingdom's capital planet, Manticore, was located in the system, as were the planets Sphinx and Gryphon, and the Manticore Wormhole Junction.

It was located 512 light-years from Earth.

All planets in the system were named after creatures from Earth mythology.


Sir Frederick Clarke confirmed the existence of planets in the system in 562 PD. Eventually, the Earth-based company Franchot et Fils sent the survey ship Suffren there to find out if the system was habitable. The mission was a success; no less then three habitable planets and several asteroid belts rich with natural resources were discovered.

After buying the rights to the system, the Manticore Colony, Ltd. sent the colony ship Jason, a sleeper vessel that took hundreds of years to get to Manticore. When they finally arrived in 1416 PD, the Manticore Colony Trust of Zurich had already established a small settlement and secured the system with a number of frigates.

In time, the colony on Manticore grew, the Star Kingdom of Manticore was created, and all three habitable planets in the system were settled. After the discovery of the Manticore Junction, the system was secured with orbital forts and became one of the most important transport and trade hubs in the human-settled universe. (UHH)

In 1921, the largest space battle in human history was fought in the system. (HH11)

By early 1922 PD, the system's total population had grown to about 3.6 billion. (HH12)

Star Geography[]

Manticore-A chart


(G0 star)

Manticore-B chart


(G2 star)

Unicorn Belt
Nibelung Belt
Gorgon Belt


The Manticore System was home to several fleets of the Royal Manticoran Navy:

  • Home Fleet – permanently stationed in the Manticore System, usually near Manticore itself


The RMN's main shipyards, HMSS Hephaestus and HMSS Vulcan, were both located in this system, as was HMSS Weyland, the main naval research station. All three were destroyed in 1922 PD by the Mesan Operation Oyster Bay. (HH12)


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