The Manticore Crown Loyalist Party (MCLP), commonly known as "the Crown Loyalists", was one of the six main political parties of the Star Kingdom of Manticore's government.

Their political views could easily be inferred by their name; they believed in backing a strong executive branch, specifically that of the ruling monarch. While they were not "yes-men" to the monarch, the Crown Loyalists tended to express their differing views in private in order to show unwavering party support in public. They tended to share the Centrists' view on foreign policy but were even more fiscally conservative, especially on tax rates. They sometimes had troubles reconciling support for a strong fleet and opposition to high military spending. (UHH)

Gryphon's population of yeomen and common men provided a large number of Crown Loyalists; their fractious history with Gryphon's hereditary nobility had led them to seek the protection and support of the Crown.

In 260 AL, the Crown Loyalists and the Manticore Centrist Party voted for the annexation of the Basilisk System. In 1900 PD, the MCLP was in control of the government in a coalition with the Centrists. (HH1)

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