The Manticoran Alliance and its neighborhood in an early state (without Erewhon and the Andermani Empire)

The Manticoran Alliance was a coalition of star nations neighboring the People's Republic of Haven, united under a defensive treaty established in the early 1900s PD. The Star Kingdom of Manticore initiated discussions toward such an alliance, and was its the strongest member, hence the commonly used name. Despite the fact that most other Alliance members were militarily weak when the Alliance was established, Manticore gained some strategical depth against Haven as well as broader basing possibilities.

The Alliance began in 1903 PD, with the Treaty of Alliance between Manticore and the Protectorate of Grayson.[1]


Known members of the Manticoran Alliance were:

In 1900 PD prospective minor Alliance members were in poor economic condition. Half of the Star Kingdom's allies were monarchies and boasted open, hereditary aristocracies. That's why Havenite propaganda called the smaller Alliance members "puppet regimes" of Manticore, a larger hereditary monarchy[7]. (HH1, HH2, HH8, HH9)

Alliance space[]

Before the war, the RMN established some stations and bases in the border space, besides systems belonging directly to members star nations. There were also some systems described as Alliance space, but it is not certain, if these systems belonged to any minor star nation.

See: Alliance Space

Treaty of Alliance[]

Probably there were several treaties of alliance or accession treaties signed with each Alliance member[8]. It seems that a common part of those treaties was the Manticoran Alliance Charter. Some provisions refered to in books[9] were as follows:

  • The mutual defense clauses (HH10)
  • Member systems defense responsibility provisions[10]
  • Provisions concerning wormholes:
    • The general wormholes transfers provisions included in the Article XII of the Manticoran Alliance Charter: any treaty partner had free, unlimited and unrestricted access to the Manticore Wormhole Junction for all its warships; a formal notification of that intention was necessary.[11]
    • Unannounced, emergency transits took absolute priority over all routine traffic.
    • Transit instructions were to be obtained from Astro Control Service[12]
    • Wormholes termini defense provisions[13]

The letter of the treaties didn't forbid separate negotiations with hostile parties, which was exercised by the Manticoran government in 1915 PD. (HH9)

Allied forces[]

Probably not all Alliance members possesed navies[14]. Before the war the Star Kingdom of Manticore provided them with obsolete Highlander-class LACs. (JIR1)


The allied offensive forces, mainly Eighth Fleet, comprised of Manticoran, and, later, Grayson, Erewhonese and Andermani warships. Minor allied navies' duty generally was their home systems' defense[15]. (HH7, HH8, HH11, infodump)

Known allied navies[]

Joint organizations[]


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