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March 2025

The next Star Kingdom novel, Friends Indeed, will be released.

April 2024

The stand alone novel, Toll of Honor, was released.

February 2023

The seventh Honor Harrington anthology, What Price Victory?, was released.

Main Honor Harrington series
HH1 On Basilisk Station HH8 Echoes of Honor
HH2 The Honor of the Queen HH9 Ashes of Victory
HH3 The Short Victorious War HH10 War of Honor
HH4 Field of Dishonor HH11 At All Costs
HH5 Flag in Exile HH12 Mission of Honor
HH6 Honor Among Enemies HH13 A Rising Thunder
HH7 In Enemy Hands HH14 Uncompromising Honor
Spin off Series
Crown of Slaves Star Kingdom
CS1 Crown of Slaves SK1 A Beautiful Friendship
CS2 Torch of Freedom SK2 Fire Season
CS3 Cauldron of Ghosts SK3 Treecat Wars
CS4 To End In Fire SK4 A New Clan
CS5 SK5 Friends Indeed
Saganami Island Manticore Ascendant
SI1 The Shadow of Saganami MA1 A Call to Duty
SI2 Storm from the Shadows MA2 A Call to Arms
SI3 Shadow of Freedom MA3 A Call to Vengeance
SI4 Shadow of Victory MA4 A Call to Insurrection
Expanded Honorverse
EH1 Toll of Honor EH2
HHA1 More Than Honor HHA5 In Fire Forged
HHA2 Worlds of Honor HHA6 Beginnings
HHA3 Changer of Worlds HHA7 What Price Victory?
HHA4 The Service of the Sword HHA8
Tales of Honor Comic Series
TOH1 Tales of Honor #1 TOH4 Tales of Honor #4
TOH2 Tales of Honor #2 TOH5 Tales of Honor #5
TOH3 Tales of Honor #3 TOHV1 Tales of Honor Vol 1
Honorverse Non-Fiction
Book Companions Ad Astra Companions
HOS House of Steel Companion SOTF Ships of the Fleet Calendars
HOSH House of Shadows Companion SITS Saganami Island Tactical Simulator
HOL House of Lies Companion
Jayne's Intelligence Review Jayne's Fighting Ships of the Galaxy
JIR1 The Royal Manticoran Navy SB1 Ship Book 1: The Havenite Sector
JIR2 The Havenite Republican Navy SB2 Ship Book 2: The Silesian Confederacy
JIR3 The Silesian Confederate Navy SB3 Ship Book 3: The Short Victorious War
Featured Article

Tales of Honor 01 cover 01

Tales of Honor #1

Tales of Honor #1 is the first issue of the Tales of Honor comic series, and the first Honor Harrington adventure in comic form. Commodore Harrington is being held aboard PNS Tepes when she remembers the events that started it all. ...more

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A Fandom user 21 February 2022

LACs in Hyperspace

Can a LAC be launched form a carrier and function in hyperspace

Read Full Post
Dotz Dotz 26 September 2019

Battle of Hypatia - Questions.

  1. It seems it wasn't possible to ram TUFT's before they deployed 12k missile pods. Coping with 98 BC with onboard missiles only could be much easier (2744 Cataphracts A, 686 missiles per RMN's ship). N…
Read Full Post
Dotz Dotz 23 September 2019

Overseized Manty battlecruisers

... will they enconter their Bismarck or a swarm of deadly LACs?

Read Full Post

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