Talbott Cluster and surrounding space

The Madras Sector was a Solarian League protectorate sector adminstered by the Office of Frontier Security. It was located on the periphery of the older, more developed portions of the League, and bordered on the far side by the Verge.


In 1921 PD, together with the program of insurrection sponsorship which led to the Battle of Monica, the Solarian League Navy's Task Group 3021 and Task Force 496 were moved to the Madras Sector, as part of the Mesan Alignment's plotting. (SI2)

In mid-1922 PD, the Star Empire of Manticore started an invasion of the Madras Sector, using forces based in its nearby Talbott Quadrant. The first step was Admiral Gold Peak's taking of the Meyers System, after which the orginal Kingdom of Meyers was restored and Commissioner Verrochio and Vice-Commissioner Hongbo were arrested. (HH14)


The administrative centre of the Madras Sector was the Meyers System, where the OFS had effectively disestablished the Kingdom of Meyers. Solarian administration acted under the direction of a commissioner of the Office of Frontier Security.

In the early 1920s PD, the two senior officials in the sector were Commissioner Lorcan Verrochio and his deputy, Vice-Commissioner Junyan Hongbo. Both were firmly in the hand of the Mesan Alignment. (HH14)

The Madras sector capitol planet, Meyers, was, like many planets in the Verge, was nominally self-governing. In Meyer's' case, this was a Royal government, under King Lawrence, which was a continuation of the planetary government existing before OFS took control of the planet and incorporated it into the Madras sector.

Armed forces[]

The Madras Sector Detachment of the Solarian League Navy Frontier Fleet, commanded by Commodore Francis Thurgood, was the main space force in the sector.

The sector's Solarian Gendarmerie detachment was commanded by Brigadier General Francisca Yucel. Colonel Liam Trondheim became acting commanding officer when Yucel went to the Mobius System with two intervention battalions in August 1922 PD. (HH14)

Systems in the sector[]

According to a map, there were at least two other Solarian systems in the Meyers System's neighborhood: Howard System and Zale System. Saltash System was technically independent, but was supervised by the OFS. (SI1, SI3)

In the sphere of influence of the OFS in the Madras Sector had been also distant and independent Mobius (90 LY from the Meyers System).