Mackenzie Steading was one of Grayson's feudal provinces. Its capital and first settlement was Mackenzie City, as every steading's capital bears the name of its first Steadholder.

Mackenzie Steading was, together with Mayhew, Yanakov, Burdette and Bancroft, one of Grayson's first five Steadings, and alongside the other four founding Steadings it more or less exerted control over Grayson until the Civil War and Benjamin the Great's constitution helped to tilt the balance of power towards the Protector.

Unlike other Steadings such as Burdette, Denby, Canseco or Owens, dominion over Mackenzie Steading remained firmly within the Mackenzie family ever since the Steading's foundation, even following the death of one Steadholder Mackenzie and his heir at the hands of the Faithful in the beginning of the Civil War. (HH5)

Isaiah Mackenzie served as captain-general of Benjamin the Great's army during the Civil War. Also, in 1704 PD, a Lord John Mackenzie XI was the last person to invite a Protector to a private social event until 1912 PD. (HH8)

By 1907 PD, Mackenzie Steading was ruled by John Mackenzie.[1] (HH5)

Known Clan Members[]


  1. He was at least the twelfth Steadholder MacKenzie named John, as John Mackenzie XI lived before him.

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