The Maccabeus Campaign was an attempted coup by Jared Mayhew, in collaboration with the Faithful of Masada, to assassinate his cousin, Protector Benjamin IX, and assume the protectorship of Grayson.

The coup was designed to coincide with Operation Jericho, Masada's Havenite-supported military operation, and create the pretext for the Brotherhood of Maccabeus, led by Jared, to assassinate Benjamin, elevate Jared to the Protectorship, and lay the responsibility for Benjamin's death on Captain Honor Harrington of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

The coup was ultimately unsuccessful as the intervention of Captain Harrington was successful in foiling the plot. Subsequent investigation on the part of Howard Clinkscales and Palace Security led to the confession and arrest of Jared. (HH2)

The campaign was the culmination of the Fifth Masadan War. (Companion)


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