M7 Pulser

The M7 Pulser was the standard sidearm carried by officers of the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps in the early 20th Century PD.

Technical Specifications[]

  • Cartridge: 3x24 mm
  • Coils: 12
  • Energy Source 1: non-removable power cell.
  • Energy Source 2: power cells contained in the magazine
  • Power: enough for 200 rounds fired
  • Capacitor system: variable-state, a separate on fore each coil
  • Magazine Capacity: 78 rounds
  • Selector settings: safe, 3 round burst and semi-automatic


  • Type: Pulser darts


The magazine is in a 3-column configuration with power cells on each side. The dart is pushed in line with the “barrel” by the feed system. It is then propelled forward into the coil system by the feed coil. Because it is a grav coil design there is no barrel between the dart and the grav coils, it would be subject to the same gravitational forces used to propel the dart and thus put under stress. To get the spin that improves the ballistic profile in a normal rifle barrel the coils impart spin to the dart while it travels through the barrel. The power cells can begin to recharge their individual capacitor for that cell as soon as the dart trip the timing circuit of that coil mounted just forward of it.

The non-removable power cell is mounted in the back half of the weapon. The two systems act as each other’s backup system.

The weapon can be made intrinsically safe by pulling back the slide to disconnect the power cell from the grav coils. The slide is located under the power cell. Doing this also makes it possible to manually check the chamber to see If it is empty. The magazine readout and a variable light display system is located just to the front of the fire selector on the left side of the gun. The variable light display system is accurate to around 5 rounds. The magazine release thumb button is located just below that. (JIR1)


The M7 have separate capacitors for each grav coil unlike some other variable-state capacitor systems. This increase cycle time a bit, it is does make it possible to have variable barrel length modals with very little re-engineering. (JIR1)

  • M7 version
  • M9 short-barreled version
  • MT P339 civilian version