The M19 Pulse Carabine

The M19 Pulse Carbine was a shoulder arm used by the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps around 1905 PD.

It was the preferred weapon for shipboard use, while the M32 pulse rifle was used for landing and ground operations. (JIR1)

Technical Specifications[]

  • Stock: collapsible
  • Cartridge: 4x37 mm pulser darts
  • Energy Source: M13 power cell
  • Magazine Capacity: 100 rounds (1 magazine well

Rail-Mounted Attachments[]

The M19 and M32 possessed standard mounting rails under their removable hand grips allowing for the attachment of sights, data-link and power supply. And thus form an integral part of the main weapon easy to use and control. (JIR1)

There are a variety of attachments that can include: