The Luigi Pirandello was a Mesan slaver ship owned by the Jessyk Combine.


Captained by Roldão Brandt‏‎, it was docked at Balcescu Station in the eponymous star system in mid-1922 PD, secretly taking aboard two Mesan Alignment scientists who had been evacuated from Mesa as part of Operation Houdini. Just when the ship was on its way to leave the system, a strike force of the Torch military entered the system and the frigate Denmark Vesey came after the Luigi Pirandello. Lieutenant Commander Tunni Bayano of the Royal Torch Navy forced Captain Brandt to strike his wedge and warned him that he would exeucte his entire crew if any harm came to even one of the slaves aboard his ship.

Captain Brand complied and evacuated his crew, leaving the Luigi Pirandello to be taken over by Torch Marines; however, once the first Marines arrived, Alignment agent Seleven Arpino‏‎ destroyed the ship, killing himself and everybody aboard, and removing any evidence of his or the Alignment scientists' presence. The Denmark Vesey in return opened fire on Captain Brandt's shuttles, killing him and his entire crew. (CS3)

Known crewmembers[]