Lucien Cortez
Male military
Full Name
Sir Lucien Cortez
Male   Male
Death date
Death place
Beowulf Alpha

Sir Lucien Cortez was a Manticoran citizen and an officer of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

Physical appearance[]

Cortez[1] was a rather small man, considered by Michelle Henke to look more like a "school teacher" than an Admiral. (SI2) He was beginning to go bald around 1908 PD. (HH6)


Cortez entered the Royal Manticoran Navy in the 19th Century PD, rising through the ranks up to flag rank, and earning a knighthood along the way.

In 1900 PD, Admiral Cortez served as the Fifth Space Lord, in control of the RMN's Bureau of Personnel. He authorized Commander Honor Harrington's command of the light cruiser HMS Fearless. (HH1, OBS) In 1904 PD, he authorized Captain Harrington's command of the battlecruiser HMS Nike. (HH3)

In 1908 PD, he met with Harrington to discuss the personnel requirement for Task Group 1037's mission in the Silesian Confederacy. (HH6)

In 1920 PD, once again serving as Fifth Space Lord under the Grantville government, Cortez hesitantly authorized Captain Aivars Terekhov's command of the heavy cruiser HMS Hexapuma, remaining unsure if Terekhov had gotten over the traumatic events of the Battle of Hyacinth. (SI1)

A year later, he chose to put Admiral Gold Peak in command of the Tenth Fleet in the Talbott Quadrant. (SI2)

He was at a conference on the space station Beowulf Alpha when it was destroyed by a nuclear strike in the Beowulf Strike, killing him and over 43 million others. (HH14)

Service Record[]


  • Admiral (before 1900 PD)


  • Fifth Space Lord


  1. He is refered to as "Lucian Cortes" in At All Costs, as "Lucian Cortez" in Storm from the Shadows, and as "Lucius Cortez" in War of Honor – these are most likely copy-editing errors.