Lisa Charteris was a Mesan citizen and Mesan Alignment scientist.

She was married to Jules Charteris.

When Dr. Herlander Simões revealed the existence of the Alignment to the rest of the Galaxy in 1922 PD and Operation Houdini was implemented early, she and several other scientists were abruptly removed from Mesa and placed on slaving vessels to transport them to the secret Alignment base in the Darius System.

During a stop in the Balcescu System, Charteris was transferred to the slaver Luigi Pirandello with fellow scientist Joseph van Vleet with a Genetic Advancement and Uplift League agent named Seleven Arpino as their handler and guard. However, before they could leave the system, a raiding force of the Royal Torch Navy arrived and forced the Luigi Pirandello to surrender. When the vessel was boarded, the Arpino executed Charteris and van Vleet and initiated the ship's self destruct to erase all traces of their existence. (CS3)