The Courageous class, an example of a Manticoran light cruiser

The light cruiser (CL) was a type of warship employed by most major space forces of the Post Diaspora era.


Light cruisers (often abbreviated to CL for "Cruiser, Light") served a role similar to their smaller consort, the destroyer, but with heavier armaments (at the start of the 20th Century PD, the distinguising feature between a heavy destroyer and a small light cruiser was the cruiser's graser broadside mount or mounts), superior sensors and better endurance. They were primarily used for reconnaissance, commerce raiding, and commerce protection with an average tonnage of ninety to one hundred fifty thousand tons. (HH1)

Light cruisers of the RMN were designed with break-away bulkheads to jettison a malfunctioning fusion reactor. (HH3)

Known CL classes[]

Andermani Empire[]

Protectorate of Grayson[]

Republic of Haven[]

Solarian League[]

Star Kingdom / Star Empire of Manticore[]


Warship Classification
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