Leonard Detweiler
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Leonard Detweiler
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CEO, Manpower Inc.
Head of the Mesan Alignment

Leonard Detweiler was a Beowulfan citizen and bio-engineer, and the founding father of the star nation of Mesa.


Early life[]

Leonard Detweiler was born on the planet Beowulf in the first half of the 15th Century PD. He became a renowned geneticist and eventually founded his own pharmaceutical and biosciences company, the Detweiler Consortium. However, due to his vocal opposition to contemporary Beowulfan society's denial of human engineering beyond the needs of those suffering from harmful conditions, he soon came into conflict with the majority of his colleagues, most importantly Dr. Chou Keng-ju of the influential Chou family. (SI2)


Detweiler and his followers eventually realized that their vision of genetic superiority could not be achieved on Beowulf, and began looking for a new place to start their own society based on their "progressive eugenics" views. An opportunity presented itself when the Visigoth Wormhole Junction was discovered in 1454 PD: one of its termini led straight to a small star system with an inhabitable planet. The Detweiler Consortium moved to this new world, which they named Mesa, in 1460 PD. Detweiler changed the name of the consortium to Manpower Incorporated some time later. (SI2)

The Alignment[]

Secretly, Detweiler was also the founder of a powerful shadow organization called the Mesan Alignment. He began a secretive policy of "siring" cloned offspring, and used an apparent assassination of himself[1] to make the rest of the galaxy think that Manpower Incorporated was no longer associated with the Detweiler family. In reality, he and his offspring ruled over Mesa for many centuries, slowly putting the pieces into place for their long term plan to dominate all of humanity. (SI2)


All leaders of the Detweiler family (and thus, the Mesan Alignment) for centuries after his death were essentially genetically "enhanced" clones of Leonard Detweiler, continuing and refining his mission to reshape human society according to their ideals. (SI2)


  1. By "greedy" elements in the Manpower Board of Directors.