Leon Garret
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Leon Garret
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Leon Garret was a Grayson citizen and an officer of the Grayson Space Navy.

Physical appearance[]

Garret was described as a "craggy-faced" man. (HH2)


Bernard Yanakov had doubts that Garret and his group would approve an alliance with the Star Kingdom of Manticore because of the gender equality differences between the two star nations. Garret's opposition also feared retaliation from the People's Republic of Haven.

In 1903 PD, Admiral Garret was promoted to High Admiral. He chose not to come to the meeting at Manticore's embassy; instead, he sent Commander Mark Brentworth.

Admiral Garret did not want the job of High Admiral, and was considered by Ambassador Anthony Langtry to be an old woman. He saw Grayson in an impossible position and did not believe Captain Honor Harrington to be suited for the job of helping to protect Grayson.

Harrington believed that Admiral Garret's new strategy made poor use of the RMN vessel's capabilities. She took this argument to the Protector, who had Garret was replaced by Commodore Wesley Matthews, with Garret being placed in charge of Grayson's planetary defenses instead.

Admiral Garret had a meeting with Captain Harrington at Grayson Command Central. He was internally confused on what to make of Captain Harrington and Nimitz, and decided not to shake her hand at the amusement of Captain Harrington. He was not used to addressing a woman of her rank, and stumbled upon his words during the briefing whenever mentioning her rank. During the meeting, he voiced opposition to the new strategy laid down by Captain Harrington. (HH2)

He proved well-suited to head System Defense Command, and stayed in the position for the next decades. He was quoted saying that he considered the defense of Yeltsin's Star to be his personal Test from God. (Companion)

Service Record[]


  • Admiral


  • High Admiral
  • Commanding Officer, Yeltsin's Star System Defense Command