The Legislaturalists, also referred to as Legislaturists[1], were a specific class in Havenite society. They were the more wealthy members of the population, most of them holding key positions in the government.


They originally took power by promising an ever-higher standard of living. The DuQuesne Plan was developed by a key Legislaturalist to solve Haven's financial problems by the conquest and looting of other worlds. Despite the inherent instablility of the Legislaturist economy, and their continual need for conquest, the DuQuesne Plan succeeded until the war with the Manticoran Alliance.

The Legislaturalists would preach on the national level about the grandeur of Havenite society, even though Haven had to be in a constant state of warfare to balance the economy.

Legislaturalists who had failed were sometimes sentenced to the Dolist ranks as an example. (HH1, HH3)

Prior to their fall, the Legislaturalists also made up the majority of officers in the People's Navy. (HH1, HH2)

Fall from power[]

Around the beginning of the first war with Manticore, the most important Legislaturalists were eliminated in a "military coup" that resulted in the formation of the Committee of Public Safety, led by Rob S. Pierre, the true mastermind of the coup, becoming the first non-Legislaturist in power for centuries. (HH3)

With the help of Oscar Saint-Just, Pierre proceeded to follow the air strike that wiped out the Harris Cabinet with confiscations of Legislaturist property, show trials and executions for many of the promient Legislaturalist leaders and their families for their alleged "crimes against the people", and mass executions of Legislaturalist naval officers. Initially convinced the military had attempted a coup and paralyzed by the loss of their leaders, most failed to realize what was happening until the Committee had removed them from all their positions of power. (HH4)


Not all Legislaturalist families were targeted. Several allies of Arnold Giancola were members of Legislaturalist families that managed to avoid the purges. (HH10)


  1. For some reason, David Weber changed the spelling between The Honor of the Queen and The Short Victorious War.