Landing was the capital city of the Star Kingdom and Star Empire of Manticore, located on the planet Manticore.

it was sometimes referred to as Landing City[1]. (HH4,HH8)


Located on the northern shore of Jason Bay at the landing site of the first shuttle from the colony ship Jason, the city enjoyed a warm climate as it was only fifteen hundred kilometers from the equator. (HH1)

Law Enforcement[]

The Landing City Police Department was responsible for law enforcement in the city. (HH4)

News Service Media[]

As the capital of the Star Kingdom, Landing was the location of many of the Kingdom's new services, including:

Notable Locations[]

Landing was the site of several notable locations, including:


  1. "Landing" or "Landing City" were the most common names for planetary capital cities in the Diaspora, though some colonies used "First Landing". (SI2)