HMS Minotaur, the first CLAC ever created

The LAC carrier (CLAC) was a type of warship employed by several major space forces of the 20th Century PD. They were basically designed to carry a complement of sub-light speed light attack craft through hyperspace into battle zones.


LAC carriers (nearly always abbreviated to CLAC) were vessels distinguished not by their tonnage but by their function, which was to act as motherships to wings of light attack craft. The size of CLACs varied and was primarily a function of the 'LAC Doctrine' of the star nation constructing the ship. For example, the Star Kingdom of Manticore favored dreadnought-sized carriers because it visualized LACs as an offensive platform and a fast 'carrier' could serve as an effective adjunct to a raiding force. The Republic of Haven primarily utilized LACs as screening elements for its wall of battle, this meant it could afford to build slower superdreadnought-sized carriers allowing it to field more LACs for a given number of hulls. (HH10)

Manticore also built improvised LAC carriers, in the form of their Q-ships, such as HMAMC Wayfarer. (HH6)

Known CLAC classes[]

Protectorate of Grayson[]

Republic of Haven[]

Star Kingdom / Star Empire of Manticore[]


Warship Classification
Arsenal shipBattlecruiserBattleshipCorvetteDestroyerDreadnoughtFrigateHeavy cruiserLACLAC carrierLight cruiserQ-shipShip of the WallSting shipSuperdreadnought