Jurgen Dusek was a Mesan seccy and crime boss of the Neue Rostock district of Mendel.

In 1921 PD Dusek was acting as a broker between former StateSec personnel and the People's Navy in Exile. The following year, he became a key figure in the seccy resistance against the Mesan crackdown following Operation Houdini. (CS2,CS3)



Jozef Ortega was one of his under-bosses and Triêu Chuanli was his "top man".

Rudrani Nimbakar received a medical education thanks to Dusek, and ran the infirmary in Neue Rostock Tower. (CS3)

Former StateSec[]

Cybille DuChamps was vetting former StateSec personnel and Adrian Luff and the People's Navy in Exile were hiring. When Luff was out of contact with Dusek, Inez Cloutier was left behind as contact and hiring agent. (CS2)

Grand Alliance[]

Victor Cachat and Thandi Palane solicited Dusek's aid in infiltrating the Mesan capital of Mendel. When Anton Zilwicki identified the pattern behind recent reported deaths from terrorist attacks on Mesa and predicted the government reprisals against the seccy population following the final "attack," Cachat and Palane assisted Dusek in organising the resistance effort. (CS3)

Criminal Activities[]

  • knee-breaker
  • contract killer
  • pimp
  • drug dealer
  • counterfeiter (of welfare chits)
  • brothel-keeper
  • gambling overlord
  • smuggler


Dusek owned the Rhodesian Rendezvouz and the restaurant next door. (CS2)