Jesus Ramirez
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Jesus Ramirez
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Jesus Ramirez was a citizen of San Martin and an officer of the San Martin Navy, who later became an important politician.

Physical characteristics Edit

He was an extremely large man, somewhat taller than Honor Harrington. The fact that he also possessed the massive physical build of a San Martin native put his weight at around 180 kilos. (HH8)

Biography Edit

He was the nephew of President Hector Ramirez. He was married to Rosario Ramirez and they had three children, Elena, Josepha and Tomas. (HH2)

As a Commodore and the last uniformed commander of the SMN, he was captured by the People's Navy during the Invasion of San Martin in 1880 PD, and imprisoned on Hades, after making the People's Navy pay three to one for every San Martino ship destroyed during the invasion.[1] He was the senior prisoner in Camp Inferno when Honor Harrington arrived there. (HH8)

His date of rank was 1870 PD, but he decided not to challenge Harrington's status despite her rank as a commodore in the Royal Manticoran Navy being junior to his. He served as her second-in-command, naming their small fleet of stolen StateSec vessels the Elysian Space Navy. (HH8)

On his return from Hades, he was drafted into running for President of San Martin and elected after all but one candidate withdrew the candidacy. He won with an overwhelming majority of 86%, his opponent conceded victory before the polls even closed. (HH9)

He later negotiated the annexation of San Martin by the Star Kingdom of Manticore. (HH10)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Commodore, SMN - 1870 PD

Posts Edit

  • Commanding Officer, a task force of the San Martin Navy
  • Senior Officer (prisoner), Camp Inferno, Hades planetary prison
  • Commanding Officer, Camp Charon, forces in the Cerberus System
  • second in command, Elysian Space Navy

References Edit

  1. His family presumed him dead, and his sacrifice and the hatred on the People's Republic for taking his father from him was what made his son become an officer in the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps.
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