Jeremiah Llyn was a Solarian citizen and an employee of the Axelrod Corporation.

He was born at the end of the 15th Century PD, and suffered from his shortness (about ten cm below planetary average) and the way others perceived him because of it.

In 1539 PD, he made contact with Admiral Cutler Gensonne of the Volsung Mercenaries on behalf of Axelrod, hiring them to conquer the Manticore System. To do so, he went through the "exile government" of ousted Canaanite military dictator Amador Khetha, whom he killed along with his entourage once he had the necessary contact information. (HHA6.2: ACTA,MA2)

After Gensonne and his forces were defeated in 1543 PD at the Battle of Manticore, Llyn devised an elaborate scheme to manipulate the Republic of Haven into eliminating Gensonne and most of the Volsungs in the Battle of Danak in order to conceal his and Axelrod's involvement in the attempted conquest of Manticore. Additionally, he orchestrated a similar assault on the remaining Volsungs at Walther by Axelrod black operations ships, but was preempted by an attack by the Andermani Empire with assistance from HMS Casey of the Royal Manticoran Navy. (MA3)

In 1545 PD, he was removed from the Manticoran operation by Axelrod because of his previous failures and was reassigned to the corporation's Andermani division, where he was embedded with Commodore Catt Quint's Quintessence Mercenaries and participated in Kapitänin der Sterne Florence Hansen's failed coup against the Empire. (MA4)