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Name: Jayne's Intelligence Review, Vol. 3
The Silesian Confederate Navy
Publisher: Ad Astra Games
Series: Non-Fiction
Previous: Jayne's Intelligence Review, Vol. 2

Jayne's Intelligence Review, Vol. 3 – The Silesian Confederate Navy is the upcoming third volume of a series of Honorverse sourcebooks called Jayne's Intelligence Review, covering the Silesian Confederate Navy from the chronological viewpoint of the year 1906 PD.


  • The Silesian Confederacy[1]
    • history of Silesia, Mesa and the slave trade mentioned
    • piracy described in general terms
    • one new "Independence Force" as a good example for those common in the region
    • IAN - its general goals in the Confederacy
  • The Silesian Confederate Navy
    • explanation why the SCN operated no vessles bigger than battlecruiser
    • ships of the Silesian Confederate Navy (SITS)
  • other hardware:
    • merchant cartels in the region - artwork of their ships and logos
    • Andermani freighters
    • pirate ships
  • uncertain marine complements:
    • information regarding boarding practices (include armored skinsuits - eg. "Boban Suit", homebrew battle armor used by pirates[2])
    • personal weapons, grenades, flechette rifles, etc.
    • military and civilian small craft, eg. 873A2 Atmospheric Shuttle used by the Silesian Confederate Navy[3]
  • a lot of new art comparing with SITS Shipbook 2.0 and its background book (some arts present at DevianArt)

Other Publication Data[]

  • Number of pages (paperback): unknown
  • Language: English


  1. Some content concerning Silesia was described in the Saganami Island Tactical Simulator.
  2. It seems boarding can be connected with battle, probably it the case of boarding SCN ships
  3. It remains uncertain why atmospheric craft were used by the SCN, one on a picture was marked "Breslau P-01".

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