Jared Mayhew was a Grayson citizen and politician.


Jared Mayhew was born on Grayson in 1860 PD. A member of the Mayhew Clan, he was the son of Oliver Mayhew and a cousin of Protector Benjamin IX and Bernard Yanakov. However, he did not have a good relationship with either. Jared was ten years older than Benjamin and second to the line to the Protectorship.

The product of a traditional Grayson upbringing, he was considered bright, talented, and a gifted industrialist, which helped with his position as Minister of Industry, which he inherited from his father. At the beginning of the 20th Century PD, he had become a staunch conservative and was against the alliance with the Star Kingdom of Manticore.

In 1903 PD, he attended a meeting to discuss the request of Captain Honor Harrington. Mayhew was insulted and against the idea of Captain Harrington meeting with the Protector. He argued that Grayson could take care of Masada on their own, being a vocal opponent of Masada. He was against the Protector's decision to meet with Captain Harrington, and vowed that he would never break bread with a woman.

Mayhew had his workers build weapons, and shipyards converting freighters to missile ships.

He later confessed to being the secret agent Maccabeus, leader of the Brotherhood of Maccabeus, after several of his assassins were captured. He had plotted to become the new Protector and blame the assassination on Captain Harrington as part of a Manticoran plot to take over Grayson. Using his role as Minister of Industry, he had placed Maccabeans on freighters and helped Masadan agents slip into and out of Grayson.

Jared was placed into custody until his execution could be arranged. Through an interrogation of a captured Maccabean pilot, it was discovered that Mayhew had directed Grayson resources and construction ships to help build a Masadan base on Blackbird, a moon of Uriel. (HH2)