James Webster
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Full Name
Lord Sir James Bowie Webster
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Death date
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Ambassador to the
Solarian League
  ●   Cousin(s): 
Michelle Henke (niece)
Samuel Webster (grand nephew)

Lord Sir James Bowie Webster, Baron of New Dallas, was a Manticoran citizen and an officer of the Royal Manticoran Navy.


He was married to the younger sister of Lord Edward Henke, Earl Gold Peak, and was thus an uncle of Michelle Henke. (SI1)

He was also a great uncle of Samuel Webster. (HH1)


In 1900 PD, Fleet Admiral Webster was the First Space Lord. His nephew, Samuel Webster, served as the communications officer aboard HMS Fearless. Admiral Webster met with Admiral of the Green Hamish Alexander to discuss Commander Honor Harrington's actions in the Basilisk System, mainly her vigorous enforcement of Manticoran tranport and trade protocols. He supported Harrington, even though he was under pressure from diplomats and corporations affected by her actions to stop her. (HH1)

In 1903 PD, he met with Admiral Alexander to talk about the situation on Grayson, and ordered the Admiral to take two squadrons of battlecruisers to the Yeltsin's Star System. (HH2) In late 1904 PD, Webster met with Alexander at his home, White Haven to discuss Sir Thomas Caparelli. In early 1905 PD, Admiral Webster was rotated out of his post and replaced by Caparelli. (HH3)

He commanded the Home Fleet, with the superdreadnought HMS Manticore as his flagship. (HH4)

In the late 1910s PD, he served as the Star Kingdom's ambassador to the Solarian League. (HH10)

In 1921 PD, Webster was assassinated on Earth as part of the Mesan Alignment's Operation Rat Poison. His death, combined with the failed assassination attempt on Queen Berry of Torch, led to the resumption of hostilities between the Star Kingdom of Manticore and the Republic of Haven after a temporary ceasefire. (SI2)

Service Record[]


  • Fleet Admiral – before 1900 PD


  • First Space Lord, Royal Manticoran Navy
  • Commanding Officer, Home Fleet